Sweet Cheeks Receives Community Grant

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry was the grateful recipient of a Junior League of Memphis (JLM) Community Grant in the spring of 2019. They shared photos and updates of what they have achieved with this financial assistance.

The JLM sets aside funds for grants to nonprofit organizations that are deemed to have a significant positive impact on the Memphis-area community but do not fit into one of our community programs. This allows flexibility in appropriating funds to community agencies and organizations whose projects and activities are consistent with the JLM mission and focus. Local community agencies and organizations must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. They are encouraged to apply and find more information on that process can be found here: https://www.jlmemphis.org/communityassistancefund/.

The mission of the Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry organization is to meet the basic needs of families by providing diapers, wipes and other necessities for their babies and improving their quality of life. The vision of the organization is to create a community that is passionate, aware and dedicated to happy and healthy babies. The organization is dedicated to providing diapers to families in need. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Sweet Cheeks is one of only two diaper banks servicing the state of Tennessee. They have donated over 200,000 diapers to 2,000 families in need since 2014. You can read more about Sweet Cheeks here:https://www.sweetcheeksdiaperministry.org/.

In March 2019, the JLM granted Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry $4,000 to purchase diapers for low-income families in Memphis and Shelby County. With these funds, the organization was able to purchase 27,644 diapers for the community.

“Through our purchasing agreement with JetCares, we were able to double what we would normally be able to purchase,” explained Cori Smith, Sweet Cheeks Executive Director.

(Nonprofit organizations that are accepted into the JetCares Program receive preferred pricing on diapers, baby wipes, and other select basic essentials through Jet.com.) You can read more about the JetCare Program here: https://jet.com/product/JetCares-Diapers/0c2248a4f97a456ba8ef1fb6eeb6cd26?experienceId=21. —> in italics

“With the diapers purchased, and what we had on hand, we were able to distribute 37,996 diapers to over 380 families in Memphis between March and June 2019,” Smith continued.

Because they were distributing such a large amount of diapers at one time, Sweet Cheeks hosted two diaper wrapping parties and invited people to come help wrap and learn more about the organization and more ways the community could help. In this way, the JLM grant had an even greater impact by contributing to educating the Memphis community on the mission of the work of Sweet Cheeks.

Said Smith, “By recruiting help to wrap and package the diapers purchased with the funds from Junior League of Memphis, we were able to get the community involved and get new supporters to our ministry.”

Sweet Cheeks meticulously kept statistics to show how the support of JLM helps small non-profits like Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry continue to do what they love, which is helping families. Sweet Cheeks partnered with even more community organizations: MIFA, Dorothy Day House, and KIPP Schools to distribute the diapers to families most in need.