JLM Answers the Call to Serve in the Midst of a Crisis

Food insecurity is not a new issue within our city; but as more businesses closed their doors due to the pandemic, the Mid-south Food Bank kept showing up to meet the needs of Memphians. The Junior of League of Memphis (JLM) proved to be no different.

On May 16, JLM answered the call to serve families by hosting a mobile food bank at the CRC. Thanks to many of you sharing the event on social media, the JLM was able to serve 300 families during this event.

Due to COVID-19, we could only have 20 members of our leadership team volunteer to help provide necessities to meet the hunger needs in our city. As the team pulled up to the CRC, they were greeted with a line of people waiting to receive food. This emphasized the great need for the event.

The team felt it was necessary to find a way to continue our mission of promoting volunteerism and improving our communities even during a crisis. Through the partnership with the Food Bank, the Junior League of Memphis was able to make a direct impact in our community by providing each family with meat, fruits, vegetables and more to help them during the difficult days ahead. This event and many others are the reason why JLM was formed – to give women an opportunity to be the change agents in their communities.

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