Girls at Memphis Athletic Ministries Participate in Kindness Brunch

Saturday, Nov. 9, was a special day at Memphis Athletic Ministries Ladies Lounge as we celebrated and learned about acts of kindness. The morning started out with brunch and spending quality time with the girls in attendance.

MAM volunteers then led an interactive lesson about different ways to show kindness to others. The girls were encouraged to give examples of recent acts of kindness that they have been shown or displayed to others and were given a “kindness calendar” which encourages the girls to complete an act of kindness every day. If the girls complete this kindness challenge, they will receive a special prize at the next MAM event. 

The girls were also given a list of 100 examples of acts of kindness they can show to others, which included ideas such as helping parents prepare dinner, bringing cookies to a teacher, and speaking to a new student at school. The girls also decorated kindness jars for a loved one and filled these jars with encouraging messages. 

The girls were very creative with their decorations and messages, filling their jars with compliments and kind words to their siblings, friends, or parents. They were excited about giving these jars to their family member or friend and told several volunteers they were looking forward to the next MAM activity. All of the girls, as well as the MAM volunteers, had a wonderful morning of spending time with and learning from one another.

About Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) Ladies Lounge

MAM Ladies Lounge is one of the Junior League of Memphis 2019-2020 community programs. We provide volunteers and resources to support the goals and mission of MAM.

Volunteers plan fun activities and educational demonstrations to assist young girls, ages 2nd to 5th grade, in the Highland Heights neighborhood and surrounding areas. The goal of our volunteers is to provide a positive influence on these young women in a safe and fun environment.

About Memphis Athletic Ministries

Memphis Athletic Ministries provides year-round mentoring programs with well-trained staff to youth, ages 8 to 18, at eight centers located in disadvantaged neighborhoods. This is done in partnership with families, schools and other community organizations. You can donate to the organization at and find out more about volunteering at

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