A Letter From the President and Executive Vice President

The 2016-2017 Junior League of Memphis year was one of courageous new beginnings and impactful initiatives and collaborations. As we have continued to do great work in the community, we have been very intentional the last few years about how we can best help our city, while continuing to improve the membership experience for the nearly 1,600 members of our organization.

Developing the potential of women. Junior League of Memphis continues to provide unique and valuable training experiences for its members. Whether gaining hands-on training while supporting a Junior League partner or program, or attending one of several training sessions offered by the training council every year, all of our members are provided opportunities to continually learn and evolve, both personally and professionally.

Additionally, Junior League of Memphis ventured into uncharted territory this past year by evolving its original Board of Directors into two new governance and management bodies the Board of Directors and Senior Management Council. This effort will further empower our leaders at all levels, while better defining the strategic and operational goals of the league.

Improving communities. A few years ago, Junior League of Memphis adopted an issue-based community impact model, and the membership voted to focus on neighborhood revitalization as the organization’s main initiative. By gearing the majority of our programs around this platform, we are able to make a more targeted, measurable impact on the neighborhoods we serve. Currently, we have a concentrated effort in the Binghampton, Berclair and Highland Heights areas, all of which have seen new or improved Junior League programming in the past few years. We are happy to see our reach within these neighborhoods growing each year as we build new relationships and meet new families.

Promoting voluntarism. Through everything it does, the Junior League of Memphis is proud to continuously promote voluntarism throughout its membership and the city as a whole. A group of women like no other, Junior League volunteers are a force in Memphis change agents who volunteer their time, effort, resources, heart and soul in order to make our community a better place for everyone. It’s an inspirational thing to witness and be a part of every day!

Regardless of where JLM volunteers concentrate their efforts, one thing is for sure: you will see a difference. Some programs are wildly successful from the outset, and some need constant adjustment, but it’s clear these women will never give up not on their community, not on the people they serve, and not on themselves.

Here’s to another great year of developing the potential of women, improving communities and promoting voluntarism in Memphis.

Jennifer Taylor, President                                             Cara Sievers, Executive Vice President

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